How Sons® Came To Be

The Early Days

They say innovation is born out of necessity, and when it comes to our brand, that it’s literally what happened. Frances M. Ramos, creator of Sons®, is also the mother of four children who are now successful adults. It was from her experiences during their school years that the idea for the system was born. 

Because all her children were in different grades, and each had very different needs and personalities, Frances set out to identify a way to help them equally develop executive function skills vital for good academic performance. 

After consulting with neurologists, psychologists, therapists, school principals and teachers she discovered how using color to help them get organized was a huge step towards her goal.

And the rest is history. Today over 350 private schools and colleges successfully use the Sons® System to support the healthy development of skills that guarantee success for their students.


To provide students with the tools to reach their full academic, personal, and professional potential, so they become adults that can contribute to society in a positive way.


To be agents change within the educational system, by proving how the development of executive function skills as part of the academic curriculum impacts the way students turn into responsible adults who are in control of their lives.