The Science Behind the Sons® Method

A study titled "Study Skills" by Dr. Virgina Smith Harvey of the University of Massachusetts in Boston states that "Children in all grades experience frustration and failure in school, not necessarily because they lack abilities, but because of inadequate studying skills", or as we like to call them deficiencies. Poor development of executive functions is one of the main causes of these deficiencies.

Color and Executive Function

Executive functions are a group of mental skills and abilities needed to learn, work, and maintain good performance daily.

The 3 main executive functions are:


Flexible Thought Patterns


About the Sons® System

The Sons® System is the only color-coded organization system that integrates all the tools a student needs, not only to organize and modify his or her study habits, but to become a purposeful citizen. 

Each tool plays a crucial role in fostering the skills they need to develop and has an important reason for being in the system. It is worth mentioning that even though using the notebooks or agenda individually has its benefits, it is by making full use of the system that we can provide students with the full set of skills that will bring them academic success now, and positive professional accomplishments later in life. 

Another important issue we tackle is that no longer do parents and teachers need to wait for official meetings in order to “be in touch”. The system promotes daily communication, making it easy via the planner, to prevent any situation from escalating into a major academic or behavioral problem.

Skills developed by the Sons® System:


Memory capacity

Planning using time slots

Identifying priorities

Creating study habits

Increasing productivity

Learning time management skills