What’s in the Sons® System

Now that you know what makes the Sons® System unique, we invite you to learn more about the benefits of each tool in it.



Our notebooks, color-coded by school subject, are our basic tool for organizing students. It is scientifically proven that color registers in the mind faster than any text or label. Each time the brain is activated with this stimulus, healthy development of executive functions is fostered.

The notebooks support the process of learning to write according to the student's motor skills. To achieve this, the size of the lines is reduced as the student learns to work with smaller letters. 

They are also designed for both right-handed and left-handed students and are available in 4 penmanship:

  • First Primary Penmanship (18mm spacing with dotted midlines) available in the five basic school subject colors. Ideal for pre-school students. Includes red line to teach correct letter placement.
  • Second Primary Penmanship (13mm space with dotted midlines) with red line to teach letter correct letter placement, Third Primary Penmanship (10mm space with dotted midlines, ideal for cursive practice) and
  • Regular Composition – all available in the five basic school subject colors and in four additional colors for elective classes.

These notebooks are designed for use according to academic levels or skills. Designed for both right and left-handed students.

Dark Blue /Gridded for Mathematics 

Designed with millimeter lines to facilitate number placement when working with equations. Helps develop motor functions. Available in 5mm, 7mm and 9mm sizes.

Light Green /Science Lab

Without stripes. Can also be used as a pre-school sketchbook. 

My Creation / Writing Journal

Multicolored notebook with blank upper space for use in any subject. Available in Second Primary, Regular Composition and now in Third Primary, all with the new red line to teach correct letter placement. 

Can be used for: pictorial dictionary, reflective journaling, creative writing, science lab, etc.

My First Sentences / Basic Writing Skills

Legal size 8 1/2″ x 14″ notebook to develop the skill of writing complete sentences in a single line. Available in First, Second and Third Penmanship. Includes alphabet on each page for reference, and the new red line to teach correct letter placement.


The Sons® agenda/planner is the heart of our system and an indispensable tool for achieving goals in academic and character development that help students succeed. 

The planner was designed in collaboration with psychologists and therapists with a clear purpose: supporting the development of executive functions and promoting them so that students become purposeful members of society.

Benefits of writing vs. typing

Studies show that handwriting stimulates the brain and helps it reach its highest potential during development, while typing does the opposite; it limits positive stimuli and memory development.

Skill development for success

Such as organization, planning and time management. It also fosters a sense of responsibility and independence. Creates structure for working with more complex demands and tasks as they move up school grades.

Support for parents

Giving them visibility into what is happening at school while helping them create successful follow-up strategies for the completion of assignments and projects. Allows for frequent evaluation of academic progress with grade and behavioral tracking by school subject.

Improved academic performance

Through organization, students can raise and maintain good grades. Also supports them with reference pages in English and Spanish that review grammar rules, science facts, math principles, and geographic maps, amongst other topics.

A tool for teachers

That not only facilitates teaching organizational and planning skills, but also allows them to create personalized reward systems to bring out the best in each student. Also provides for regularly sharing grades and student behavior with parents.

Reinforces values

explains and promotes the values expected of students so that they can become good citizens with an important role within society.

Types of agendas available by academic level

MY FIRST PLANNER: FOR PRIMARY GRADES - Daily planner for classes, activities, and events, ideal for beginners. Includes:

  • Stickers to help develop motor skills
  • Stickers to reinforce positive behavior
  • Plastic envelope for keeping classwork
  • Area for creative expression


PLANNER 2: FOR MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL - Daily planners by academic level for classes, activities and events. Includes:

  • Flags to highlight urgent tasks
  • Post-it notes to elaborate on tasks
  • Slots for learning time management per school subject
  • Yearly calendar that includes holidays.
  • Important reference charts and graphs for each school subject
  • List of values and responsibilities of a good citizen.
  • Area for creative expression


All additional school materials that don’t belong in the notebooks or planner have a spot in the Sons® System Organization Center. It’s an excellent tool to organize additional documents by subject, following the established color code. It’s a way keep supplementary materials, reviews and exams neatly organized too.

Binder - made of flexible material, roomy enough to fit folders, envelopes, and any other necessary items, including the student planner.

Folders - made of plastic for durability and designed with dual pockets to divide documents into: Pending / Completed tasks. They are available in the same 9 colors as the notebooks.

Stickers - 800 motivational stickers and rewards to reinforce positive behavior

This special edition kit is the best way to introduce students to the system. It includes all the essentials to get them on the road to success, including bonus and surprise items

Notebooks for Basic Subjects

available in all penmanship.

Organization Center

In addition to including binders, folders and envelopes for the 5 main school subjects, you get 800 motivational stickers and rewards to reinforce positive behavior.

Book Labels (Bonus 1)

Help color-code textbooks, notebooks, and manuals color coding by subject. Includes 10 labels in the 5 basic colors.

Bag (Bonus 2)

conveniently designed to store all items in the Sons® System Starter Kit. 


As the Sons® System continues to grow, we focus on creating innovation with new products that expand skills and make the lives of students, parents and teachers easier. Below are some new items already available to support the objectives and philosophy of the system.

Chair Bag

Functional innovation that allows students to keep their school materials organized while seated. Ideal for hanging on chairs. Available in 2 sizes.

Book Labels 

  • Color-code textbooks, notebooks and textbooks by subject. Available in 5 basic colors. 
  • Includes area for student's name.

Classroom Poster

Wipe-off poster designed with the same look and feel as the planners so that teachers can easily plan the week ahead, while also giving students visual reinforcement of how they should fill out their planners. Size 39.5″ X 25.5